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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Parkers Work Bench

I have been working a lot in the garage making little 
wood things so Parker been out there to, he gets a little bored
sometimes. I decided to make him a work bench why not right?
I'm going to need to make my self one I'll use his as my
experiment so here it is.
       I did Take a few photos when making it like I said before
       photos are not to good I use my phone most o the time but
     I'm sure you get the idea on what I'm doing.

      I use the plans from a big work bench and just made it smaller
     I didn't want to use the little kid plans or this because well
 we are talking about Parker now he does break everything.

Now there is a little story about the top, I thought it would be cool
to make it look like chrome so thats what you see in this photo.
We went to Lowes and I was looking for some sort of sealer for it
And the lady there (having 3 or 4 Boys of her own)
said to try spray paint bed liner so I did thats why it is now black.
Thats the story not much but I do like the black and it's rough, Parker 
wanted the frame to be red.  

There is more to this I added a shelf to it because his dad got
him a little tool box full of tools. I have not taken any photos of it yet
but I'm sure I'll get around to it.  
Here is where I got the plans from like I said before I only use them
as some what of guidelines, because I built this for a 4 year old.
She has lots and lots of great plans and ideas I love this site 
Check it out!
Here is also the kids work bench link

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