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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I'm Sorry!

I went a little different way with this digi, I'm a pastel 
Girl I'm trying to use other colors but its hard when you like
 certain colors. 

                                          Here is the card on my computer, I have since made
                                         A photo box so the photos should look a bit better
                                                                          (I hope)

                                               Up close doesn't she look so so sad, but she so dang
                                                                             cute isn't she.
                                                She is a digi from Krista Smith you can find her here:
                                                                      Her name is So Sorry
                                                        Here is the inside I know you can't read it

I finally found one where I took the photo of the colors I used
About dang time huh? Now can you read them.
Ha here you go you can see this.