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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Copic Skin Tutorial

Howdy y'all!

Hope you all great today.... and enjoying your summer....

So onto the tutorial.... please bear with me I'm learning to try to 
make this post the right way.
This tutorial will have lots and I mean lots of pics, I 
colored up 2 different images to give you the whole idea 
on how I color the face. Now I'm am not a teacher I have not 
been to a copic class (yet I will next month) everything I have learned 
is mostly trail and error okay lots of error! There are many talented 
 people out there that do amazing coloring so 
choose a way that is comfortable for you 
and use it, I did! I have been coloring with copics 
for over 3 years as a hobby, only recently I was ask to be a DT and Happily 
accepted, I believe My coloring has improved even more now that I have been using
my copic markers everyday.
I have played around with lots of colors and never been happy with
the colors of the skin until I stopped using E21 sorry but I just don't like it on the face.
I will be using an image from The Paper Nest if you have not seem them please 
hop on over there and take a look they are just all way to adorable....
She is called Bedtime Ellie.  

What you will need....
 an image stamped, digi, and copics Good card stock is 
a must!
COPICS you will need E0000, E11, or E13, 
E00, E000, R30, or R20.

Here are the colors I use now sometimes I use E13 in place
of  E11, and the same goes for R20 and R30. Just to switch it up a bit. 

Using E0000 lay down a base, you can do the hole face
 but I don't. I go around the hair line eyes for other images
and cheeks....

E11 is next and you will only need a small amount 
go along the hair line and where you would like your 
shadows.( remember a little goes a long way and this is for your

This is an closer view and you can even go a bit 
less with the E11, I did it a bit more just so you can see it.

 E00 is next now you go over E11 with it small
flicks inward, you do not want to to cover the whole 
face you still want to see white. I know it looks 
kinda ugly but it works out in the end.

closer view of the E00...

 E000 is next....
and add more flicks inward...
don"t not I repeat do not cover the whole 
face with E000 you still want to see white......

up close
 ya I know it's ugly keep working
 it will be fine in the end.

Now what I do is different with each image
the #5 step I usually use R30 or R20 
for the cheeks 
or you can use E0000 next with more small
But I have found that I like to go to 
the cheeks on step #5
it works out better for ME.

up close of the R30 step #5

now step #6 I know what the paper says but this 
is how I like it so step #5 and #6 and #7 are written
#5 R30 or R20
#6 E000
#7 E0000 
(sorry for the confusing)

up close ugly I know
now #6 E000
with the R30 on her cheeks take the 
E000 and flick it out a bit ...

now take E0000 and blend the
her cheeks a BIT more....
only small amounts
or it will all blend together 

up close of step #7

this one is is after I put down E0000
now if you would like you can go back 
and touch up were you want the shadows to be a bit darker
( if needed) if you dont put down to much color
you wan't need to go back, but if you use to much color
you will need to go back and add more E11 or E00...
Practice, practice practice......

here she is she is still not dry here so her blending
not done...

    the colors I used....
and her dry I like to try to keep it a bit light 
in the middle of the face.
Sorry for the lighting I know its bad
I could not take it in the light box 
it would not have work out well.
I hope I explained it so you can understand.
remember this is how I do it there are many other ways,
you will find the one that works for you....

I would like to add if I want a darker skin tone
say a suntan I will use E50 or E30  
just at the end to go over and it gives it just
a bit of the olive look like my boys have
(I think)

Okay here she is with her hair done.
Thank you for looking if you have any question just ask
I don't mind at all.

PS I was going to do 2 images but the 
one I colored up from Saturated Canary 
is not  in here shop anymore so I will color up
 another one to show you that one too...
and maybe Bedtime Ellie Hair....

I hope this helps some just keep practicing ...
Now hop on over to The Paper Nest to 
check out Christine's images they are just 

Thank you for looking..
Have a wonderful day....

We have a new release 
this Saturday so stop by you
could win.... 

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  1. This is fabulous! I've always done the recommended circle blending and I find for me it over-saturates the paper. Especially if I go back over every color I lay down. Can't wait to try it your way.


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