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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bow, button, Ribbon Tutorial

Hello Y'all  
I put together a quick ribbon tying tutorial that I use
on my projects.
Please bear with me this is my first tutorial.

Step 1 -
Materials: 2 - 3" long pieces of thicker ribbon
1 bow tied ribbon (smaller thickness.)
Button and Crochet thread 
(or small thickness thread)

Step 2 - After looping ribbon through the button,
 tie it to the backside of your thinner ribbon,
 leaving the excess. 

Step 3 - Flip your bow over on-top of the 
criss-crossed thicker ribbon and 
flip it over to tie another knot.

Step 4 - Use light, but firm pressure as you
 tie the back knot to ensure the criss-crossed 
ribbon doesn't pull to one side. 

This is a view of what it will look like in the front... 
evenly cut the ribbon tails and still leave
 the long thread to attach it to your card. 

Final step: Punch two holes
 (I used the 1/8" SU hand punch) and then tie the tails 
of the thread through these holes and tie
 a knot on the inside of your card. 
You can also use 2 strips of ribbon instead of 
another bow.

Here is the card completed using Dandelion Wishes

I hope that explains how I tie this type of ribbon!
  If you have questions or any
 other tutorial suggestions, just let me know!
Thankyou for stopping by.

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